Bio: Alright. Here goes. I am jumping on the wagon. Rather this feels much like holding on to one of the bars of a merry-go round.. running and chasing waiting for the exact moment to jump on! Every feeling you remember when you finally got on it is how I feel! Excited, tired, winded, sick, nervous! I am thinking, rather hoping, that this blog fulfills my inner voice to write a book, without committing my life's work to actually doing so! Why.. well because I have 6 children. Enough said right! Wrong! A mother of 6 age range from 18-2 years old. I call this mess Dormitory to Diapers, or Teenagers to Toddlers. ok ok I was fascinating what I would name my reality show! Then the word "REALITY" hit me! My statistics: I was a teenage mom twice, I had 3 kids before I was 21, Divorced by the time I was 25. I am remarried, Have 2 dogs. Went back to college when pregnant with my 6th Child Graduated from College June 2014 Remodeling my home.. that started shortly before finding out I was pregnant with our lovely little surprise! I am a novice couponer!! Yep I have a stock pile. Small in comparison but I have one! I coach recreational softball and basketball and hope to one day be a head coach for a mention-able team.

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