I used this quote on my college graduation announcement. I graduated June 7th, 2014 with my Bachelors Degree. I finally finished what I had started 18 years ago. I wished  would have found this gem so much earlier in life. Well I have it now!

I have spent a lot of my life making decisions based on my fears… Avoiding discomfort. How I get through motherhood with this demon is beyond me, but here we are! Our house consists of 6 children. It’s a mine and ours situation and all 6 are MINE muaaahhhaaahhhaaa (insertion of evil laugh!)

Our kids age in range from College to Toddlers… and thus born “Dormitories to Diapers”. I coined this as my stock answer to the lovely jokers asking me if I was trying to get my own reality show. UUUUMMM no, I curse like a sailor and would probably get banned from any sort of family network. Next best thing.. BLOG! Please be gentle with this newbie blogger!

At heart I am a momma. I live for raising my kids, like making things with my hands and taking care of my peops. I am a novice couponer, power tool user, copy cat crafter, granddaughter of a seamstress, daughter of a genius (not kidding), a softball coach and my husbands babe. Welcome aboard!



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